Green Lantern Knocks Out Batman With ONE PUNCH

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Hey Guys! Welcome to My Channel! Generally, In my Channel, I will do voice-over reviews of your favorite Dc and Marvel Comics. In this video, I will do a review of Green Lantern Knocks Out Batman In Green Lantern Rebirth Issue 6
This video is for entertainment purposes only.
This video has no intention to hurt any religion, race, or nationality and their emotion.
All the text and images are owned by its respected company. I do not own any rights in their graphics.

About this video:
In Green Lantern Rebirth Hal Jordan is being possessed By Parallax but in the final Hal is able to set him free but Batman still believes that Hal Is not to be trusted and as he demands hal some explanation Hal gives a solid punch at Batman face
What do you guys think, Please share your thoughts in the comment section down below As a Die Hard Comic fan, I will always try my best to keep you guys entertained.
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EMERALD TWILIGHT – How DC Comics BROKE Green Lantern

In this video, Owen explains the history of Emerald Twilight, why DC turned Hal Jordan into Parallax and created Kyle Rayner, and how this story broke and rebuilt Green Lantern.

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0:00 – Introduction
2:59 – In Brightest Day
7:49 – The Blackest Night
12:00 – A New Dawn
18:59 – Legacy & Rebirth
26:27 – Outro

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