Midjourney imagines James Gunn’s Green Lantern Corps #shorts #greenlantern #jamesgunn

In this short, you’ll get a first look at how Midjourney v5 imagines the new DCU Green Lantern Corps. The multiverse is getting interesting.

Midjourney came up with the costume styles in the style of Zack Snyder and James Gunn collabroative directing

Made in Midjourney v5

Music: made by Me
-creative commons use

#shorts #midjourney #dcu #dcuniverse #jamesgunn #superman #batman #greenlantern

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EMERALD TWILIGHT – How DC Comics BROKE Green Lantern

In this video, Owen explains the history of Emerald Twilight, why DC turned Hal Jordan into Parallax and created Kyle Rayner, and how this story broke and rebuilt Green Lantern.

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0:00 – Introduction
2:59 – In Brightest Day
7:49 – The Blackest Night
12:00 – A New Dawn
18:59 – Legacy & Rebirth
26:27 – Outro

Music Used:

#GreenLantern #DC #ComicBooks

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