Third Doctor Green Shirts Doctor Who Cosplay Costumes 3rd Doctor Shirts CosDaddyCharacter:Jon PertweeCatagory:Doctor Who CosplayMaterial:CottonPieces:1Package Includes:Shirts.. Third Doctor Monster of Peladon Shirt Doctor Who Cosplay Costumes Outfits CosDaddyCharacter:Jon PertweeCatagory:Doctor Who CosplayMaterial:Corduroy, wool, green lantern suit uniform clothPieces:1Package Includes:Cotton.. 2022 Doctor Who The 11th Doctor Eleventh Dr Matt Smith Cosplay Costume Purple CoatCharacters: 11th Doctor Category:Doctor Who CosplayMaterial:Uniform ClothPieces:1Package Includes:Only coat.. I decided to start with the Night Terrors outfit since I really liked the dress she wore in it.